Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Preferred Method of Body Fat Composition Measurement- Ng Kok Yin (04) S3-06

My preferred method of measuring my body fat composition will be Hydrostatic Weighing. Hydrostatic weighing, is the body fat measurement that requires being submerged in a specialized tank of water and measured with the mass per unit volume of a patient's body.

The procedure is based on Archimedes' principle, using the following three measurable values:
-The weight of the body outside the water
-The weight of the completely immersed body (a weight that may be negative if the body in question is less dense than water)
-The density of the water

If each test is performed correctly according to the recommended guidelines, there is a +/- 1.5% error. (Note: Accuracy depends on the client's ability to blow all the air out of their lungs both during a pre-test screening with a spirometer, and during the test itself. Since air makes the body float, inability to perform either of these maneuvers will result in miscalculation of the percent body fat.)

This method is currently considered the "gold standard" in percent body fat measurement
Repeat measures usually prove consistent, and can be used to chart progress

This method usually requires a lot of equipment and space
Testing is time consuming and involved
Requires in-depth knowledge to administer the tests and compute the calculations
Being submerged under water may be difficult and produce anxiety for some

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