Monday, 5 March 2012


When Aaron's team has the disc, Aaron is able to defend the key players from getting to the ball. However, sometimes Aaron does not keep track of the person he is marking, resulting in the opponent being able to make a quick counter when they get possession of the disc.

Player Review (Roy) [by Aaron]

Roy is a good catcher and support player: 
 - Receives the frisbees amazingly well
 - Run's into space
 - Peers are WELL aware of him.
 - Throwing needs to be better
 - Need to run a little bit faster.

Player Review (Idris) [by Aaron]

Idris is a good SUPPORT player in the game 
- He runs ALOT in the game and therefore easily tire out within minutes of the game.
- Mostly free.
- Needs to work alot on catching, 
- Even though running alot is good, it tires him easily.


Yuchong is very active when his team has the disc, being quick to get to open spaces. This allows him to get more opportunities to receive the disc. Furthermore Yuchong is able to receive the disc well, allowing him to keep the disc in his team's possession. When being the handler, Yuchong is also able to make quick decisions on who to pass to, allowing him to get the disc to his teammates' general direction easily. However when throwing the disc, Yuchong would sometimes throw the disc a little too far for teammates to receive it well.

Su En

+ points: Relatively good catching, attempts to run into space

- points: Passing is not really so good, doesnt get the disc most of the time

Sunday, 4 March 2012


From the video, we can see that in the first-half, Jake has been interchanging between defence and offence frequently. He is quite hesitant to call for the frisbee so his teammates could not locate him easily. By the second half, Jake has started calling for the frisbee. Evident from the video, Jake had an opportunity of a fast break when he called for the frisbee. The team dynamics also improved after more effective communication. 

Stacey Yip

Stacey has strong passes and accurate catches . She also makes an effort to run into space and also follows the ultimate closely . Many a times , she manages to catch 'stray' ultimates that have gone off their intended paths and This helped the team greatly . However , Stacey should try to call out more so as to let her teammates know that she is open , which she is most of the time . Stacey could also try defending .

Observed by Emily Wu


Azeem can improve by being more active in the game, i.e., move about more, spend more energy defending and marking someone, and also, Azeem needs to run out into open spaces much more often, and attract attention in order to get the frisbee.


Overall, Aaron is good at running into free space for his teammates to pass the disc, but he does not call out to them to attract attention. Therefore his teammates are unaware of his position, and does not pass the disc to him. Aaron needs to defend the handler more often instead of running away from him.

Roy Chua

Overall, Roy plays quite well, running to the frisbee when the opponent has it, and does his best to gain possession of it by blocking it in its flight path. He does well in attack by constantly supporting his team, however, does not constantly run into open spaces enough. Roy should also use his backhand pass more often instead of his forehand pass.

Sher Li

Sher Li is a good defensive player and she constantly tries to block and intercept the opponents' disc. She also runs into empty space to receive the disc. However, she does not gain possession of the disc often and can improve by calling out louder to her teammates to pass the disc to her.

Gwendolyn Chee

Gwendolyn was not very active in the game, but this is probably due to the fact that she had just recovered after sustaining an injury to her knee.

Player Review- Michelle

Michelle can catch well but has little accuracy in her passes. She needs to stay calm and look at the person she is passing to before passing. She moves forward when her team has possession. She supports her team well. She tries to move into open space but does not call for the disk often. She has to remember to mark her player and count the 5 seconds for the player she is marking.

Observed By: Stacey Yip

Player Review- Emily

She runs into space but does not call for the disk. She is more of a passive player and needs to run about and call for the disk more often. She tries her best to mark her player but occasionally forgets her player's whereabouts. She makes an effort to support her team. 

Observed By: Stacey Yip

Casandra Ong

February 29, 2012.

Casandra always runs into space. Casandra always makes sure she defends someone from the other team to prevent them from possessing the frisbee. However, her team members do not often pass the frisbee to her which I feel is a waste. She also has good sportsmanship and accepts the results of the game. Casandra has to improve on her catching skills and sometimes it is a very good opportunity for her to catch the frisbee, however, she does not catch it. However, it is still fairly fine. Casandra's passing is also relatively alright however there is still room for improvement.

Casandra was evaluated by Michelle Dapito.

Karan by Shakti

Karan is generally a very all rounded player. He has very good hand eye coordination which allows him to catch passes from every angle and sometimes even catch bad passes from other teammates. He can also coordinate well with his team which allows him to do rapid passes and catches which lead to quick goals. For example Karan and Ronak have a very good connection which allowed them to do a zig zag pass, which led them to one point. Also, Karan can pass very well so the frisbee always goes to the person he wants it to go too. Sorry but there is an error with the video uploading so I will upload the videos when I find out why the stupid thing is not working :)

Cherin Tan

I couldn't get hold of any videos cause I deleted mine thinking that we don't need to use it so... Sorry Ms Choo and Cherin!

But overall, Cherin did pretty well. She did exceptionally well in one of the games where she assisted/caught 2 of the goals, leading the team to victory. Other games she didn't do as well, but was consistently trying to run into free space. However, her team members did not pass as much to her even when she wasn't being blocked. She also makes an attempt to defend the person closest to her when they switch from attacking to defending.

Kang Yan

Kang Yan moves into space very quickly and can make quite impressive passes. She tends to appear wherever there is an opportunity to score. However, she needs to catch the attention of her team players, by calling out for the disk and to her teammates.

Peer Evaluation: Michelle Dapito. By Casandra Ong

Michelle is a great team player. Even though she does not gain possession of the disc in most parts of the game, she still plays a her and moving into space, trying her best to provide the handler options to keep the disc in her team's possession. Michelle was able to move into space and to interpret the direction of the game, as she is constantly moving into the relevant positions to provide her team with support and defense. Michelle shows good sportsmanship in the game, as she is calm and always ready to accept the fair observations of the team players.

Luas Chia

Analysis by Rayner:

Lucas demonstrated great sportsmanship and constantly encourages his teammates. He strives to give his 100% at all times. He does not wastes opportunities and you can see him running to get the frisbee and pass it to others/score as fast as possible. He has good judgement and is able to catch and pass the frisbee effectively. Besides being very good offensively, the same can be said about his defense. He was able to make a successful blocks throughout the game.

Yu Chong

Yu Chong is confident in everything he does. Whenever the opponent has the disc, he will either try to block him or mark another person on the opposing team. Supports the team well, and is good at both defense and offense. A good attribute he has is when he is defending a person who has the disc, he will shout out loud the seconds the opponent has left. This will cause the opponent to feel stressed and may result in a failed pass/throw. An excellent player who has put in a lot of effort for the team.



Alpha is a great defensive player. He is always supporting his team well and does good intercepts. He has to beware of his passes/throws though, as some of his passes do not end up in the correct place. When he has the disc, he will look around and think who he can pass the disc to. But he must also be cautious as to not exceed the time limit when holding the disc. Overall, a good defensive player to have on a team.



Unfortunately, I did not take any videos for Karan specifically. However, during the second time when I was taking videos for Adam, he was playing against Karan so please understand.

Karan was quite active during the game. He is capable of great passes due to how he has really good throwing technique, which allow him to throw far and accurately. He worked really well with his teammates, helping out in attacking and defending. However, in this game he seems to have an uncanny trait to go unnoticed. Everyone watching knew that Karan tends to appear out of nowhere to intercept passes and receive them. From previous games as well as this one, Karan has limited stamina which is why he can be seen walking but at least at the right times.

Overall, Karan is a great frisbee player, he is very good at passing and working well with his teammates, he needs to work on sustaining his energy well for the whole game.

Observed by: Arthur Lee

Saturday, 3 March 2012


Adam can be seen in the video playing against team 4. He can be seen walking sometimes but that is usually when the frisbee is going to change possession. However, he played a good defense, helping to intercept the frisbee at times but tends to be a bit slow in blocking sometimes. When he was able to intercept the frisbee, he made good, short and accurate passes to his teammates. Overall, he very active in the game and thus is a dynamic player.

Observed by: Arthur Lee

Friday, 2 March 2012


Preston see a potential frisbee hit. 
Preston ran back to defense to stop the Frisbee
He jumps to stop an incoming pass
One last attempt to save the frisbee was futile as other team scored and the opponent team celebrated
Preston won't give up and starts to shout his name to let his teammates know

Preston tries to run into space to get the frisbee

Still running

Preston demonstrated great enthusiasm in playing the game. He ran for literally the whole game. With right direction and better catching, he is bound to have a better game.

KJ Shakti

Shakti, initially just standing back, waiting for the ball to come

He stood there and waited and waited
He thought, this ain't right. I gotta get my head in the game. And he did

Shakti developed a sense of enthusiasm especially during the second half, where he helped out in the attacking more often with great results