Sunday, 4 March 2012


Unfortunately, I did not take any videos for Karan specifically. However, during the second time when I was taking videos for Adam, he was playing against Karan so please understand.

Karan was quite active during the game. He is capable of great passes due to how he has really good throwing technique, which allow him to throw far and accurately. He worked really well with his teammates, helping out in attacking and defending. However, in this game he seems to have an uncanny trait to go unnoticed. Everyone watching knew that Karan tends to appear out of nowhere to intercept passes and receive them. From previous games as well as this one, Karan has limited stamina which is why he can be seen walking but at least at the right times.

Overall, Karan is a great frisbee player, he is very good at passing and working well with his teammates, he needs to work on sustaining his energy well for the whole game.

Observed by: Arthur Lee

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